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Interview Services

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Hiring the right team is important. Let Levant Group help.

Phone Interviews

Hiring talented, qualified people shouldn’t be a full time job...
Our experienced team and proven phone interview process captures information regarding work history, future goals, experience and salary expectations that can’t be obtained by reviewing a resume.  We work quickly, providing you with a transcript of the interview and additional notes, to help you narrow that stack of resumes down to a few qualified individuals so you can make an informed hire and feel confident you have the best candidate.

Reference Checks

Reference checking is a valuable step in the recruitment process…
Reference checking is a valuable step in the recruitment process and serves as a last defense to ensure you’re hiring the best candidate. Unfortunately, often the right questions aren’t asked and vital information is missed. Our in-depth questions and detailed documentation allows you to see the candidate through the eyes of their last employers, providing you insight on how they’re likely to fit into your organization.

Exit Interviews

Unfortunately it happens, people leave. Shouldn’t you know why...
Exit interviews conducted by internal HR personnel often don’t get to the heart of the issue. We reach out to employees who have left and as a third party, are able to get information that the company’s own HR group can’t. We document their concerns and track recurring issues so your company can address these before they become full-blown problems.

Helping rapidly growing brands achieve success

How we are different

Our experienced and trained team has more than 25 years of specialized interviewing experience.  Being a boutique interviewing firm, we pride ourselves in forming partnerships with growing companies. We work with you to determine the skills are needed for each job, the kind of candidates that would be the best fit for your company culture and the questions that will result in the information you need to make the most informed hire.

Because you’re not just hiring a person, you’re building a team.

At Levant Group, all we do is interviewing. Whether it be first round phone interviews, reference check calls or exit interviews, we know the questions to ask, how to get more information and what to look for. And we move quickly, because good candidates aren’t in the job market for long. Our detailed interview reports allow you to read the entire interview or just a summary at the bottom,  saving you valuable time.

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